Automotive Focus

Automotive Focus Lifts and Floor Mats When you have a truck or SUV, there are two choices for protecting your truck or SUV whenever you are out on the road. First you have the exterior protection with known brands like Weathertech, but you can also choose interior protection that includes OEM fitted floor mats and shifter knobs from Both are great choices for both long and short drives, and will both help protect your truck or SUV’s carpet from wear and tear.  สล็อตเว็บตรง

The floor mats, available from Automotive Focus, are just the perfect balance between style and comfort. Let’s take a look at the benefits you will enjoy.

1) W Axles & Springplolves – Every drive that you drive will not only be a great experience, but you will experience greatly improved traction. Your break rotors will last longer as well because of the reduced times and effort required to stop. Know what I mean, no more wheel spinning while on I-15? The all weather radials are guaranteed to stay for 5 years and they are easy to clean. They do not require water repellent and are even compatible with your Spray On Wax!

2) Sealed Pedals – What is the point of buying stock absorbents if they do not protect your floorboards enough? Without doubt, the carpeted ones will allow your boots to stay relatively cool on those hot summer days. The dual colored ribbed styles will not only look really cool, but also will add a layer of protection against road salt and other hazardous debris.

3) Seats – Keeping original seats is an essential safety feature of your vehicle. From your perspective, I am sure you would want to maintain the value and look of your seats. For better looks, you can opt for available BBCode styling and/or put your own seat designs and colors in. For information about seat covers, see the links below.

4) Custom Car Seats – Looking for JWL, VW, Ford or BMW?Count on United States Custom Auto Seats. Below are links to some of the best quality seat covers available online. With over 7000 stock seats available for purchase, you will be able to find just about any model you are looking for, at very affordable prices.

VW BugSeat Covers VW Cabriolet Seat Covers

If you have a VW bus, limousine or car, United States Custom Auto Seats will guarantee to provide the highest quality VW bug covers. In addition, United States Custom Auto Seats also offers bug deflectors for your back window and rear seat. Order online now and look ahead.

BMW Z3 Corvette Custom Seat Covers

For the ultimate in protection for your Z3 Corvette, United States Custom Auto Seats will provide a unique and affordable gift that will make your Corvette desirable. Installing custom seat covers is a breeze. Simply cover the seats, remove then reinstall the original cover. Available in Sport, Touring, and Hard along with many colors to fit your taste. Make sure you shop around and keep chan